Electric Utility Services

More than 100 years ago, the citizens and leaders of the City of Ocala recognized the need for infrastructure to drive growth and development in the City of Ocala Community. With a lack of electricity to provide the needed spark, they decided to take the power into their own hands and started what was then known as the Ocala Electric Utility.

In the mid 1990’s the Telecommunications division of Ocala Utility was added to allow the citizens to continue driving the growth and development by providing a comprehensive network of fiber optics throughout the city.

In 2008 the City of Ocala’s Water and Sewer department became part of what is now known as Ocala Utility Services, providing a complete full service, state of the art, one stop shop for all living in the City of Ocala area.

Ocala Utility Services provides the cleanest and safest water supply for today as well as ensuring the same for the future, a modern fiber optics network that would be the envy of many communities across the country, and finally one of the most reliable electric systems in the state. Owned by the citizens, operated by the citizens, and employing citizens, City of Ocala Utility Service is proud of its contribution to our community.

The historic importance of Ocala Utility Services can be pointed out in an Ocala Star Banner series from 1968, by Lloyd Turner; “And as the 1930’s progressed Ocala’s growth could be traced by the KWH sold; the same has been true right up through the present day as Ocala Utility marks the growth and progress of city in kilowatt hours for residents and industry with large amounts returned to the city coffers to offset taxes.” Today we work as hard as we did 100 years ago at the City of Ocala Utility Services, striving to be the best and to meet our mission in “Connecting Our Community”.

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Visit the official City of Ocala website for more information from our local government. You can find everything from information about your Ocala Electric Bill to what time garbage is collected! Visit their website today!

Visit the official City of Ocala website!